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Hearing test online:

There is no substitute for a full test conducted by a trained professional.

A Typical Hearing TestWe are currently working on some useful online hearing tests (see below) that can be helpful in self diagnosis and also give you a sense of what a quality hearing aid could do to improve your situation.
Hearing Aid manufacturer Starkey also have an online hearing test.
This hearing test by the Better Hearing Institute is designed to make you aware of a hearing issue by a series of questions.

Recognising a hearing loss, coming to terms with it and doing something about it are important. There are some tremendous social benefits in being able to communicate effectively with people. A hearing loss is not always understood by others who hear normally, they often make assumptions that may not be flattering when in reality you are just battling to hear what they are saying or make sense of what you do hear.

Quality hearing aids now add the clarity and can work in noisy environments where previous aids failed miserably. Now you can wear an aid and actually hear well too!

The test below has been developed by Phil Hoile (www.HearingAidsAustralia.com) with audiologist Rachel Deane of Pindrop. It will evolve however - there is no substitute for a professional test.

Hearing Test

Where do you experience hearing challenges

The following diagram is from a Unitron brochure (hearing aid manufacturer) and is an excellent graphic explanation of where we may have difficulties hearing.
Where many people experience problems is in the high tones - (f s th) and essentially if you have this problem you may only hear parts of words or sentences.
Having trouble hearing someone whispering - could also be a high tone hearing loss. The audiogram above is showing a significant high frequency hearing loss.

Hearing Challenges