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This site is dedicated to helping people with a hearing loss get the best value they can for their dollar.
That is why we are upfront with the cost of hearing aids. It is created and owned by a hearing aid wearer not a hearing aid company. I (Phil) am available to discuss hearing aids on 07 55320651 and 0423 926 852.

Firstly we suggest you shop around - however this is not as easy as it should be because many hearing centres will not offer prices over the phone.

Price is not the only factor in getting the best value, a good well established hearing centre will supply quality hearing aids with the correct fitting back up and manufacturers warranty.

Australian Hearing Aid Prices





Phonak Virto/Nano Q30 $1890
Phonak Virto/Nano Q50 $2490
Phonak Virto/Nano Q70 $3290
Phonak Virto/Nano Q90 $4290





Starkey Wi & 3 Series i70 $2490
Starkey Wi & 3 Series i90 $3390
Starkey Wi & 3 Series i110 $4250
Starkey Xino/SoundLens X70 IIC $2490
Starkey Xino/SoundLens X90 IIC $3390
Starkey Xino/SoundLens X110 IIC $4250
Starkey X Series 70 RIC $2290
Starkey X Series 90 RIC $3150
Starkey X Series 110 RIC $3890





Widex Dream 220 D2 $2195
Widex Dream 330 D3 $3495
Widex Dream 440 D4 $4250

GN Resound




GN Resound LiNX 7 $3495
GN Resound LiNX 9 $4395
GN Resound Verso 5 $2295
GN Resound Verso 7 $3195
GN Resound Verso 9 $4195

These are bundled prices for one aid - including fitting and backup for the warranty period (this includes adjustments at no extra cost).

Why aren't hearing aid prices available?

At Hearing Aids Australia.com we suggest it may be to maximise their profits. With many aid wearers feeling obligated when an audiologist gives a free appointment and or trial fitting they may be paying too higher price sometimes this can be $1000's of dollars. Most professional audiologists prefer to do their own independent test using their own equipment to ensure an accurate fitting so providing a test from another provider is not necessary.

Suppliers growing vertical integration

Vertical Intgration of Hearing CentresThere is growing vertical integration of the Hearing Aid industry in Australia. Some audiologists have claimed we have the second most integrated marketplace in the world. The vertical integration model is fine if you are aware of this. You can simply ask - who is this centre owned by? Many hearing centres are in fact owned by suppliers who have bought up independent hearing centres throughout the country.

Contacting Suppliers Directly
If you contact a hearing aid supplier directly you may be advised to contact a hearing centre. This is some what contentious because it could be that the supplier has a relationship with certain providers or may even indirectly own the chain. This does not make for easy price comparisons.

Online Internet Sales - Unauthorised suppliers

Warning on buying Hearing Aids over the InternetSome sites operating as though they are endorsed by manufacturers are in fact not so. For example the Starkey website actually lists Unauthorised Hearing Aid Internet Retailers One of my audiologists commented on the Internet sales saga as having serious medical concerns including-:

Most Hearing aids must be programmed, requiring the special hardware and software which is also not available to the public.

Siemens policy
from www.medical.siemens.com
Siemens At our sole discretion and determination, Siemens reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel orders for our hearing instruments from individuals whose businesses we believe do not or cannot themselves provide professional face-to-face in-person fitting and support to the hearing impaired consumer or take sufficient measures to ensure that the hearing impaired consumer will ultimately receive a professional face-to-face in-person fitting. Siemens will independently and unilaterally determine whether this fitting and support requirement is offered and/or provided.

Service and ongoing warranty conditions are an important factor. Some providers of hearing aids charge higher prices for better quality aids due to the Australian government forcing prices down on lower quality styles. However this customer did shop around and found a centre that offered the aid for $ 3000 dollars. Now that is a saving of $ 2000 for a set of aids. How long does it take to save this amount? For some of us up to a year or more!

Overseas Hearing Aid Price Comparisons

There are some useful overseas sites to help with any comparison. However be aware that they may be unauthorised resellers and could be obtaining the aids in countries with radically different regulations than Australia - hence it is difficult to get a realistic comparison. Also most wearers need an adjustment period where the centre adusts the hearing aid based on your experience over a few weeks.

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